Train for Tomorrow, Ghana

Train for Tomorrow, Ghana

Funded by Dubai Cares, this US $2 million project trains school leaders to become Instructional Leaders first through face-to-face training, and then through a distance-learning cascade, made possible by a satellite link and solar-powered infrastructure.

Train for Tomorrow aims to improve teaching practice through regular interactive, activity-based training sessions, to develop teachers' pedagogical methods and subject knowledge; to create more positive classroom environments; and to support the development of a more accountable monitoring system of teaching quality.

Our programme of enhanced in-service teacher training is built on a blended model of face-to face delivery of the core training to the project's Instructional Leaders from our technology enabled Hub Schools, followed by a distance training programme to further Instructional Leaders from surrounding schools, using the interactive technology. These Instructional Leaders cascade their training to teachers in their schools, supported over the course of two years, impacting up to 5000 front-line teachers.

The project's model is highly replicable, as all the expertise (both educational and technical) has been deployed to create a significant body of assets that can be used again and again, either with further schools within the reach of the original 'hub' schools, or through the installation of the technology package in further schools. The nature of the model means that after the fixed infrastructure costs are paid for, operating costs are minimal and the effect is far reaching.

The Varkey Foundation team engages in full time monitoring in each of the operational districts in order to understand and track the impact of the project. Results have shown an excellent response to the new teaching methods, with a large majority of teachers changing the way the conduct lessons, and a significant change reported in student attitude.

Train for Tomorrow is being implemented in Ghana's Eastern Region, in the districts of Birim North, Birim Central, Birim South and Akyemansa.

A technology enabled programme for school leaders in Ghana's Eastern Region, is being delivered by the Varkey Foundation.
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